Peter Hoogerbrugge

Hoogerbrugge Peter 2014
Prof. Peter Hoogerbrugge 

Full Professor

Cancer development and immune defense


Peter Hoogerbrugge is a pediatric oncologist with special interest in the biology of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), both from the clinical perspective and from the 'bench-perspective'. Current projects of the lab, headed by Dr Frank van Leeuwen, in close collaboration with the lab of the department of genetics (Dr Kuiper and Prof GeurtsvanKessel), aim at identifying novel genetic defects leading to therapy resistance and relapses in childhood ALL. Recently, the group identified Ikaros-deletions as a poor prognostic factor in ALL, based on which treatment will be adjusted in he near future. The studies include fresh leukemic samples in collaboration with the Dutch Childhood Oncology Grouop (DCOG), cell-lines and murine models. Peter Hoogerbrugge chairs the DCOG-relapsed-ALL study committee and is co-investigator in EG-funded studies on relapsed ALL in children (IntreALL). In collaboration with Prof. Adema, research on the role of immunotherapy in high-risk neuroblastoma is performed in murine models of neuroblastoma.

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