13th - 17th October 2013, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Invadosomes 2013

"Cell migration and invasion in physiology and pathology".

The conference focuses on cell adhesion, cell motility and invasion in health and pathology. Leading scientists in the field will discuss cellular adhesion and migration along with different migratory adhesive structures and strategies of motility during pathological conditions such as cancer and inflammation. A special emphasis would be on three-dimensional invasion strategies and in vivo invasion models. Unlike previous meetings of this series, the current meeting will have a new session focusing on morphogenesis and tissue remodeling as well as a unique "out of the box" session dealing with novel quantitative imaging technologies (including systems biology analysis, tissue engineering, automated approaches, advanced microscopy techniques, etc).

Topics will include

i) Multidimentional migration and invasion - in vivo models;

ii) Cellular migratory strategies;

iii) Adhesion and migration in inflammation response;

iv) Cellular responses to mechanical stimuli;

v) Tissue remodeling and morphogenesis and

vi) Novel quantitative technologies.



Alessandra Cambi, Peter Friedl, Hava Gil-Henn, Frank van Leeuwen

For more information you can send an email to invadosome2013@umcn.nl



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